Lawyer Evgeny Filippenko in Israel

In many life circumstances, it is important to choose experts in your field in order to protect your legitimate rights and interests in the courts or other state institutions as effectively as possible. If you turn to professional lawyers, you can count on the wide range of services they can offer to help you. Lawyers and advocates have in-depth knowledge of law and advanced legal training. In order to fully acquire legal status in self-defense or other countries in court, it is not enough to study not only individual provisions of the code, but also the relevant provisions of the law related to the necessary topic. First of all, it is necessary to understand that the law prescribes many nuances and subtleties that can affect the outcome of the case.

Evgenia Filippenko holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law in Israel and a master’s degree in Russia, as well as a mediator’s qualification in dispute resolution and negotiations. Acquisition of Israeli citizenship, legalization of residence and status in Israel for married couples and cohabitants, family reunification, work visas for foreign workers, status for humanitarian reasons, Israeli citizenship, as well as citizenship of Portugal, Romania, Russia. She is an expert in immigration law and the legalization of foreigners as arguments, family law, inheritance law, etc. She has already received a lot of positive feedback from her clients. Official website —

Evgenia Filippenko represents the interests of our clients in Israel, Portugal, Romania, Russia, family law and inheritance law, government agencies in matters relating to the right to citizenship, we accompany each stage of the immigration process and provide comprehensive legal support from beginning to end, ensuring high reliability of the completion of the case. The law firm of Evgenia Filipenko provides a step-by-step procedure for obtaining permits and permits, which saves time and nerves, ensuring perfect accuracy in the preparation and execution of documents.

In case of business disputes, our lawyer Evgenia Filipenko will help you resolve disputes as an independent mediator. Simply put, all parties to the conflict can get what they want, save a lot of time, maintain good relations, which will have a positive impact on future cooperation.

Obtaining citizenship

We differ from other companies in that we offer effective solutions and support in all legal matters, from strategy development to obtaining the desired status.